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About HaleySpeaking

This blog serves purposes of utility – I use this as a place to reflect and record that which seems to have no other place to live. Critical thoughts refuse to be corralled, so sometimes I turn them loose here for grazing…

I am a PhD candidate and “knowledge worker” at the University of the Witwatersrand. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, I immigrated/expatriated to South Africa in 2005 for what was intended to be a temporary basis. However, almost a decade later, I find myself  at home in the beautiful,  chaotic, and endlessly stimulating city of Johannesburg.


Blossoms and blood, graffiti and grime, litter, lunatics, and loiterers. clear skies. The impatient, the idle, the active. The loved and the lost, thunder and lightening, hail and wind, still air, soft trees. sidewalks. Jazz and friendly vibes. Colours in darkness. Cigarette butts in a puddle. Smells of perfume and jacaranda, a burning tyre. Cut grass. People on their way coming from… Bananas ripening in the sun next to the Ghost Pops. Glass and gravel. Butchery, bakery, library. History. Death and renewal. Compromise and cost. Old and new swirling, tangible and tangled. Where I live. JoziBerg.


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