Memes: Fruits of the Internet

Here is a collection of memes I handpicked fresh from the interwebs

First World Problems, also known as “White Whine,” are frustrations and complaints so trivial and dependent on wealth, that they attempt to make light out of drastic social inequalities, typically those marked by white supremacy and anti-black racism. However, I see their value in what they do to popularize reflections on white, middle class, “first world” privileges so that white, middle class, “first world” people can see how ridiculous their “problems” are. This meme is like a pop-version of Peggy McinTosh’s “Invisible Knapsack of Privilege”.

 Read more about the origins and variations of #Firstworldproblems Here and see examples below

First World (white lady) Problems


Not to be confused with #Nigerianprinceproblems


Philosoraptor  shows a Velociraptor thoughtfully immersed in metaphysical inquiries or unraveling quirky and sometimes comical paradoxes.  There does seem to be an perplexing and disappointing “agreement” that Philosoraptor is male, but that does not detract from this meme’s brilliance!  More on Philosoraptor Here


This one came out just after Edward Snowden leaked information about the extent of NSA surveillance in the US and abroad



And what does it sound like? What language do we think in before we can speak?



Like here



And segue in Capitalist America…a meme that lets us laugh at the violence and inequalities of Capitalism. They really hit the nail on the head sometimes though…







and even the kittehs get a bit edgy every now and then…

Kittehs <3 Butlerimages


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