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Towards a gynocentric understanding of learning & knowledge? : A brief response to that Business Insider PhD graphic

Have you seen that Business Insider PhD graphic that has recently gone a bit viral on the web? It was created by Matt Might (I don’t want to gender stereotype, but I would expect Matt is gendered as male) to show how he illustrates the significance of a PhD to his students. But, one does not even need a PhD to see how this is like, the most phallic graphic ever! I mean, LOOK at it!! And it even ends with the words, “Keep Pushing”!!! Or, am I just a “paranoid feminist”?

At least one doesn’t even need a PhD to tell you that this is one helluva penis shaped illustration!  If I were more talented as comic arts as Matt Might is, I would create my own gynocentric version of what the significance of a PhD is. Perhaps the birthing of an idea after the torture of labour following years of intellectual menstruation, shedding of old ideas, rebuilding of new ones. And while your idea, once born, is just one amongst many in the world, it is yours; the product of blood, sweat, and tears.

We must rethink how we conceptualise  and construct knowledge and learning…
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